The SO:22 is a conference for steward-ownership in all its facets. We wish for all these different groups and stakeholders to be able to participate and benefit from the SO:22 – regardless of their financial capabilities. Therefore, we offer different price categories – regular and subsidized tickets.

Only the regular category actually covers our costs and our workload for the conference. Only the financial support of our event partners and enablers allows us to also offer discounted and subsidized tickets. We therefore encourage everyone to choose their category accordingly to their financial possibilities. The only way for us to refinance the conference is by selling enough regular tickets.

Update: We are sold out! Please register for online participation here:

Promotion Ticket

1.500 €

(+ taxes)

This includes a regular ticket & an additional donation for the non profit work of the organizers. A receipt for the donation will be issued separately.

Regular Ticket

775 €

(+7% VAT.)

Covers the costs of your participation. If you can afford it, then this is the right category for you! Target group: larger & medium-sized companies & (profitable) start-ups.

Discounted Ticket

500 €

(+7% VAT.)

This ticket covers the main costs of your participation, everything else is subsidized. Target group: e.g. SMEs & (profitable) start-ups.

Subsidized Ticket 1

300 €

(+7% VAT.)

This ticket is largely funded and only covers part of the costs. Target group: e.g. young, not yet profitable start-ups.

Subsidized Ticket 2

160 €

(+7% VAT.)

This ticket is almost completely funded and very limited. It is intended only for those who cannot afford tickets from the other categories, for example young scientists.

In the ticketshop we only sell tickets for the 450 seats available on site. As ticket-contingents per category are limited, all ticket orders have to be confirmed manually. Please note that we might not be able to offer tickets on site for everyone interested. Digital participation via livestream for selected formats is possible and, of course, not limited. We are looking forward to seeing you at the SO:22!

The SO:22 is a non profit event, organized by the non-profit entities of Purpose and the Foundation of Steward-Ownership. Our non profit work in general is only possible thanks to donations. It has enabled and inspired us to organize this conference, with the goal to make steward-ownership better known and more accessible to a variety of different stakeholders. Our non profit work includes research & education, communication & the transfer of knowledge related to steward-ownership, providing open source materials, information, and publishing case studies. To keep up our non profit work in the future, we rely on donations. Please select the conference in the form underneath the amount as the receiver. Thank you very much for your support!

Please register here if you would like to participate digitally and watch the main program via livestream on September 5 & 6 on this homepage. A chat function will be available. Many thanks!